Kelley Blue Book Motorcycle

After your arrival, take a look at the list and choose your type of motorcycle. Kelley Blue book will ask for your motorcycle’s model and the year it was manufactured. After this is done, there will be a review your motorcycle’s trade and retail value.

It is hard to determine the exact mileage of a motorcycle due to regular odometer malfunctions, so specific details about the condition and mileage of your motorcycle will not be allowed by Kelley Blue Book. Although ‘’Mileage’’ is always considered when rating your motorcycle’s value. What you need to do is to pick the trade in option for your motorcycle, then click on ‘’Mileage & Condition information’’ link. An estimate of the trade in value of your motorcycle will always be given to you by Kelley Blue Book. Your motorcycle is assumed to be in a perfect condition in this estimate. Click on the motorcycle specs link to see a list of the original equipment of your motorcycle after selecting the trade in value for your exact motorcycle. This list will serve as a direction or guide for what will be needed to buy before you trade your motorcycle.


The trade in value will be provided by Kelly Blue Book. This is the estimated price a dealer will consider paying if your motorcycle is used as trade in for a new one.


The purchase value for a motorcycle that is good is your retail value. The retail value usually affects  vehicles which are sold by a dealership.


Another factor that influences the price of a motorcycle is the condition. The condition of your             motorcycle will affect the price even more than the distance it can travel. There are motorcycles with good traveling distance that also have very good condition. One factor you should never overlook is motorcycles that changed due to journeying hard areas for a long time, they wouldn’t  work properly.

NADA GUIDES Motorcycle Guide

Click on the ‘’Motorcycles’’ tab in the main menu when you enter NADA GUIDES website. It is After clicking on the motorcycles tab, you will be redirected to ‘’Motorcycles and power sports prices.’’ Click on ‘’start here’’ next. Fill in your zip code and click ‘’continue’’.

After this is done, NADA GUIDES will present you with a motorcycle manufacturers list. You will be told to select the model of the motorcycle and year of production after selecting your manufacturer. You will be shown a list, search through it to see your particular motorcycle.

Information about your motorcycles engine will be provided by you. Also, you will need to provide information about your motorcycle’s exterior, glass, lights, seats, e.t.c. After doing all this, click on ‘’continue’’. You will be taken to a page titled ‘’Values’’. Here, the value of your selected motorcycle can be seen. Information about the Suggested List price, low retail price and average retail price are all included by NADAGUIDES.

Different specifications for each motorcycle can be seen on NADA Guides. It is good to compare these specifications. This can be done by selecting three different motorcycles, click on “Compare” link on the “Values” page.


The price for motorcycles that are functioning properly lacks damages and has a working condition that is okay.


The price for motorcycles that require little repair is the low retail value price. It has a good working condition though.


The price for a brand new motorcycle by the manufacturer is the suggested list price. Endeavor to compare specifications. Click on the link called ‘’compare’’ which can be found on the ‘’values’’ page when selecting different types of motorcycles.

Factors to be put into consideration when purchasing used motorcycles.

  • Research, NADA guides and Kelley Blue Book on motorcycles and get an assistance on this.
  • The motorcycle type, seller type and motorcycle’s condition and history should be considered.
  • Will there be room to discuss price? Always find out price range.
  • Test Ride. Go on a test ride with the motorcycle you are about purchasing to know if you would like to ride on it. And also its distance.
  • Why are they selling it? Is the motorcycle already experiencing issues?
  • Think of the right store to purchase. Purchasing of the motorcycle from the owner personally from the owner will give you more information about what you are about to buy and can also reduce cost.
  •  Inspect the motorcycle. Check the sprockets, battery leads, tires, frames, chains, e.t.c. A thorough investigation enables you to save money.
  • Take knowledge of pieces that are missing.
  • Try to find out when the motorcycle was last serviced. If possible ask for service record.

Endeavor to do a lot of research. Nada Guides and Kelley blue book on used motorcycle will lend you support. For more information refer to kelley blue book for motorcycles.