Kelley Blue Book determines the final values of used vehicle through a proprietary editorial process. There are varieties of the values provided on several scales which lead to the creation of unique price on every situation. The Private Party Value is the individual amount for the private sale of a vehicle. If buyers and sellers intend to interact with a dealer, Suggested Retail Value and Trade-In Value are available for them. It is also the task of Kelley Blue Book for calculating and setting the suggested price values of a car at automaker-affiliated Certified Pre-Owned dealerships.


Browsing how much it worths for a used car in Kelley Blue Book is the best system that anybody can choose. Information like the car’s year, design, make, and gas mileage can be found in the website of Kelley Blue Book. Later, in order to figure the rate quote, you will need to select the design of the car, engine dimension, and other information. Besides making a price list of used and brand-new cars, the Kelley Blue Book also provides effective tools for customers on the Internet system to consider their choice. Those tools are like testimonials from clients and current rates from a number of dealerships across the country.

Furthermore, the website offers used cars programs created by maker as well as gives an explanation about the requirements to qualify the quality qualification of secondhand vehicles.


Recognizing some crucial details related to the automobile in question is quite important before continuing to use the tools of the Kelley Blue Book. Follow the list of actions below to determine the kelley blue book used car values:

  • It will only take a couple of minutes to set everything in the Kelley Blue Book website.
  • Choose the car’s year, make and design.
  • When you have found the vehicle model you need, be sure to consist of the gas mileage and then click on “Next” to proceed.
  • Choose the option of the car, and you will see a couple of choices on the web page. If the car has no unique alternatives, select “See value with standard equipment”. But, if it has the alternatives, you have to choose the right choice by giving a check mark on the right boxes.
  • Once you are done, you can pick the shade of the car as well as “See Blue Book Value”.
  •  On the next page, you have to check out the choices related to your demands.
  •  In the middle of the page, choose the condition of the vehicle. As an example, if a car is in a very good condition, it has to be the one with minor cosmetic damages, clear title, and without any rusts.
  • Click on “Get Blue Book Value” along with the alternative you use.
  • Now you can see the worth of the car you have selected.

All in all, whenever buyers and sellers want to search for the estimation of automobiles, KBB is one of the best choices for that. Here you can use Purchase Price tool to get the actual selling price of a vehicle from a high amount of sale transactions. Unlike the other tools for car values applied by Kelley Blue Book, the Fair Purchase Price comes straight from vehicle sales via market contacts. The Fair Purchase Price tool in Kelley Blue Book is as a result of the compilation of conducted transactions.